Your current finances are more important than your previous ones. In our experience, Credit Checks aren't the best way to assess applicants

Borrow Up To £3000 With No Credit Checks

Credit checks are a look into the past, we want to look towards your current circumstances. If we looked at people's cirumstances 5 years ago, we'd be lending to people we shouldn't be and not lending to those that we should - which would you be?

Responsible Lending
Although we don't do credit checks, we do affordability checks to make sure your income exceeds your outgoings.
Who Decides?
This site makes the decision about your application. Applying is FREE so we only make money if we lend to you.
Don't Be Fooled By Our Name
We will not lend to people who we think can't make repayments, nobody gains from that. Please be responsible with your application.

We Are Different

Applying For A Loan
Our application form can be completed in as little as 100 seconds. Very simple and no paperwork.
Getting Your Money
If your loan request is accepted, we will aim to send your money within 15 minutes. There is no paperwork to send.
Making The Decision
We look at your incomings and outgoings then make a decision based on your CURRENT circumstances. This takes about 1 minute to complete.
If We Can't Accept You?
Don't worry, we have other lenders on our system that can also check for you - if you want them to check it. No need to fill in your details again.

No Credit Check

Here is why we do other checks and not credit checks, it makes sense for both you and us.

We Decide Who We Lend To -Not Others

A lot of lenders say that they are not allowed to lend to people because of regulations.

We don't always agree with that, whilst regulators are interfering more and more in our industry. Some lenders use them as a convienient excuses not to lend, when they just don't want to lend.

We promise that we will give you a straight decision, directly from us using our own decision making engine.

What Previous Customers Say

Our previous customers share their experiences of using No Credit Check Loans

Our Loans

We have a number of different loans available without Credit Checks
Here are our 3 main loan types.

Unsecured Basic

46.2% APR

  • No Paperwork
  • Instant Decision
  • Fast Payout
  • Acceptance Rate - 75.6%
Car Loan

15.8% APR

  • No Credit Check Car Loans
  • Instant Decision
  • Secured On The Car
  • Acceptance Rate 84%