No Credit Check Payday Loans

Payday Loans can be a dirty term in the loans industry, but they are still cheaper than a lot of overdrafts. Prices now capped in the UK.

Top Up Until You Get Paid

We have all been there, one or two weeks from payday and a financial emergency appears out of nowhere. No amount of financial planning can account for all the possibilities life will throw at you. All you can do is hope that when these unplanned events do happen, someone is there to lend a helping hand.

We are that helping hand

For those of you in work, a payday loan is perfect if you want to borrow less than £500. Payday loans still have the highest approval rating of any loan in the UK. Despite the powers that be trying to ban them, they are still accessible.

When completing the loan application form, make sure that you let us know that you are in full-time employment. We need to know when your next 2 paydays are going to be so that we can arrange repayment days around them.

We will do the rest for you, and no we won't be the ones performing Credit Checks. 

What You Need To Know

How long does a payday loan last?

Normally a loan is considered a payday loan if they last less than 90 days. Although the name suggests that it should be paid back when you next get paid, lenders will allow up to 90 days. Anything more than that is normally called a small loan.

I thought Payday loans were banned in the UK?

That isn't correct. These types of loans had a cap placed upon then by the Financial Conduct Authority. Most of the lenders decided to leave the market, but the loans are still widely available from a new range of lenders.

Is this secured or unsecured?

100% Unsecured, we have never seen a payday loan that was secured. If you are looking for a secured loan, you would need to search for Pawn Shops. If you can provide security, the loans will often be cheaper.

How much can I borrow with this type of loan?

We would recommend only borrowing up to £500, if you need more, it may be better to search for short-term loans.

Is there a credit check?

Some sites will, but we won't. There are still checks, but not on your credit. Checks include anti-fraud and money laundering checks, checks that you are not bankrupt, checks to make sure you can afford to make the repayments. 

Don't want a Payday Loan?

Don't worry, these loans are not for everyone and they don't fit everyone's needs. Some people want to borrow more money, and some want to borrow it over a longer period. Whatever your reasons, it is fine, there are alternatives.

The first thing you should do is check out whether or not you even need a loan. If you are borrowing from one lender to pay off another lender, this isn't the answer. You can get help from the Money Advice Service - link below.

Money Advice Service

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