Quick Loans Minus The Credit Checks

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Quick Loans Without Credit Checks

The majority of borrowers want their loan approved and completed as quickly as possible. Our site will fill that need, loans paid in only 30 minutes.

It is important to remind our users that "Quick" doesn't mean "Payday" when it comes to loans. The "Payday" type of loan needs to be paid off in one instalment within 5-6 weeks of the loan being approved. These types of loans are paid off over a maximum of around 12 months.

Quick Loans are different. First of all, they are generally for a higher value, not always as loans start as low as £100, but as a general rule, the average amount is about £1000. The typical payday amount is around £300.

The benefits of a Quick Loan are:

If this is the type of loan that you have been thinking of pursuing, then we can go through some of the benefits for you.

1) It is unsecured, and you are free to spend the money on whatever you to. Anything from a holiday to repairing that problem car that never stops eating your wage.

2) Loan repayments can be spread over several months, anything from 1 to 12. This gives you the ability to keep the repayments at a more manageable level.

3) Faster approval, a decision on your loan application will be given to you in less than 2 minutes. We know that this is what our customers are really concerned with. A lot of commentators think that people want cash in their bank within 20 minutes. Our experience says that customers are happy to wait, and a few hours will make no difference at all. What people really want immediately is the decision so that they can start planning their short term finances.

A Few Questions Answered

If I apply for a quick loan, will you perform a credit check?
We won't perform a credit check no. As our brand suggests, those are for other sites. We have a different approval method.

I want my loan in cash, is this possible?
No, unfortunately not. We don't have any doorstep agents to be able to deliver the money. If that is what you need, you might want to search Google for providers such as Provident Credit or Shopacheck.

How long will it be until the loan is in my bank?
These types of loans are usually with the borrower within 30 minutes on average. Upon approval, you will receive a code via a text message. You will be required to enter that into the website to verify your details. The quicker you can do that, the quicker you get paid.

Alternatives to Quick Loans?

Your first option is to seek financial help, and loans are not the answer to long term financial problems. You will only be kicking the can down the road. You won't be stress-free within a few hours, but you will feel a lot better if you reach out for help now. Loans are only meant to cover little emergencies.

Money Advice Service

Easy Loan
You could always take a closer look at these with Easy Loans. These loans are easier to get than a Quick one, and the repayments are much more straightforward. This brand is a common, well known, well used and trusted brand that we point people towards when they want a decent alternative. Going direct to them should save you a bit of money. They also lend more, up to £5000.

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