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Your Privacy

This privacy policy is here to give you, the customer, everything you need to know with regards what happens to your personal information.

All the basics are here in this privacy policy, so take the time to read and digest all things data protection.

We appreciate that it can often be a time-consuming process to read something quite lengthy, and frankly quite boring, but we believe it is vitally important that you are aware of how personal data is stored and how it is used. It is in the interests of all concerned that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.


Who Are We? is a trading name of Quick Loans Ltd. Our Information Commissioner Number is ZA207923

In order to do our job, we have to gather some personal information from applicants before we can put through finance applications. We tend to only require basic information and we only ask for this data in a bid to assess a customer is who they say they are, and to get the best deal for all concerned.

When using our site customers will see that they have to enter some personal information into a secure webpage. Once this information form has been completed, the information will then be sent on to lenders and other credit brokers who will look at the data provided and decide if they want to lend the money. They will base their decision on information that you, the customer, has provided as well as utilising information from the CRA and FPA.

We must stress that our website runs stringent security checks regularly and our web pages are all secure so all data that is entered into them is completely safe.

If a third-party lender decides to accept an application based on the information that you have provided, you will then receive notification that your application has been successful, and you will be automatically sent to their website to continue the loan process. It is at this point that you should note that all data protection protocol with this site ceases to exist.

As soon as you are in the hands of the third-party lender, it will be their privacy policy that you should adhere to.

Also, please note that once we have passed all relevant information onto the lender, we will then wipe clear the information you have given to us previously. We do not store any data that you have given us. Once an applicant and a lender have been placed together, our job is done, and we do not need to keep hold of information that was given to us. Our records are wiped clear.


Opting In

Privacy rulings and data protection laws have changed in recent months and many people are being asked to opt in to receive certain services and to be part of marketing research. Basically, if you ‘opt in’ this means that you don’t mind details being passed on to lenders and other credit brokers for their own market research methods.

Why do you need my data? The legalities

Without having basic information and data we cannot successfully get a loan in place. We use the legal basis that information is necessary in order to obtain a loan and enter into a contract. This cannot be done without certain personal information being given.

The only data we require is what is asked on the application form. There will be no more data collection and we will only require this in order to send on to lenders.

The kind of information you will be asked to disclose will be nothing too personal. We will require things such as full name, address of current abode and any previous addresses, job title, income and date of birth. We will also need bank details so that if a loan application is successful, all finance details are in place straight away and money can be placed into your account the same day.

How will third parties use the data?

The main aim of collecting data from our point of view is to simply match applicants with lenders. Once this is done, our work is finished – records are erased and all data that has previously been entered will be withdrawn.

You should bear in mind, however, that third parties may differ in their privacy procedure. Just because we do not store data, this does not mean to say that third parties will do the same.  A lender’s privacy policy will need reading to see how they intend to use the data that they have received – it may be that in their small print they say they keep information on file, or they, themselves, pass on data.

Businesses and organisations are legally obliged to inform people of their data protection and sharing practices. If you request this information they have to tell you what their data practices are. Alternatively, you will find all you need to know in their ‘privacy’ section.

Recipients of data and safeguarding

The only recipients of data that you give us will be credit brokers and lenders that are authorised and regulated by the right and proper body.  

If you have ‘opted in’ to have your data used for marketing purposes, your information will also be used in this way too. Of course, you will have needed to consent to this on the application form.

We will only ever deal with lenders and organisations that are UK based and occasionally based in the European Economic Area. We do this as most organisations are registered with the right and proper regulatory bodies. This means that everyone must adhere to the same privacy policies, which in turn, protects you in the greatest way possible.

Occasionally an organisation that receives your data may be based outside of the aforementioned domain. If this happens to be the case, it is the organisation’s responsibility to highlight that they are still regulated in the proper way. It would also be helpful, if you, the applicant, could take note of their privacy policy and safeguarding practices so that you are aware of exactly where you stand.

Most of the time, even if the organisation is based out of the UK or European area, they should still be viable. But it is always worthwhile for you to check their safeguarding practices and standards to ensure straight forward and smooth dealings.



As previously mentioned, we absolutely do not share any data with anyone other than to pass information on to brokers and lenders with a view to getting a loan in place. If, however, you have intentionally selected the option to have your data passed to third parties, this data will be received once the application form is completed.

If you feel you are receiving too many text messages and emails and decide that you want to opt out of being part of third party marketing, you will have to get in touch with the organisations that are contacting you directly in a bid to get the marketing to stop and request that your data and information is withdrawn from their system.

GDPR – your new rights

GDPR is the new topic everyone is talking about at the minute. It’s nothing major, it’s just that there are a couple of changes to people’s privacy rights, including new guidelines with regards to how companies have to handle people’s data these days.

GDPR gives you the ability to see what kind of information we, or any other organisation, has about you. It also allows people to see if data is being processed that affects them.

A company should be able to provide you with all the data you require within a four-week period, upon request. By law, nobody should be charged for this service.

If you should spot some information about yourself that is untrue or currently inaccurate, it is your duty to inform the relevant organisation as soon as possible. Your data can be amended as soon as possible if it is deemed to be wrong.

If the incorrect data has already been passed on to third parties, we will inform the organisations concerned and will send them amended details that you provide.

In certain instances, you, the customer, also have the ability to ask us to completely delete any data of yours and stop any processing being undertaken.

This wouldn’t be a problem for us if you made this request, however, as we do not store any data on our systems once an application form has been completed.

Similarly, if you wish to block or stop any data being processed, you have the right to exercise this wish.

This is worth bearing in mind when dealing with third parties, but from our point of view this won’t be necessary as we do not store data and the information you give us in order to apply for a loan is used and deleted within a matter of minutes.

Sometimes, in a bid to save time, people would like the information that they have provided to one organisation to be passed on electronically so that the same information can be entered into other organisations’ similar forms. You have the right to ask this of us. Many organisations can provide machine readable formats so that data can be inputted straight into another machine and into another provider’s facilities.

If this request was made to us, however, we would struggle to fulfil your appeal as we do not store data on our systems long enough to be able to transfer information.


Complaints Procedure

We always try our utmost to make sure that all our customers are confident and happy that the personal information that they provide us with is used in the most safe and secure way.

We strive to adhere to all the latest regulations regarding personal information and data and regularly run checks to make sure our systems are as safe as they possibly can be.

This said, if you are still unhappy with the way anything has been handled with regards data and your information, you are well within your rights to take the matter further. The first thing to do would be to get in touch with the Information Commissioner’s Office, which is the supervisory authority for all things data protection in the UK. They will assess your complaint and look to deal with the situation from there.

You can contact them by post: Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF 

They’re available on live chat:

Or phone: 0303 123 1113l

As we take our customer relations seriously, we would prefer it if we could work with you to resolve any issues you may have with us. You can get in touch with us via the ‘Contact us’ section of this website. We pride ourselves on giving the very best user experience.

Data and the service you receive

We need your data in order for us to do our job of finding you a loan. By law, however, you are not forced to give us this information and if you refuse to give us information then that is completely fine and legal.

We must stress though that if you do not provide us with certain information, we will not be able to proceed with finding you a lender. Basic information is needed for a lender to assess whether they want to lend or not.

Regulations also state that you may have the right not to be subject to a result which has been based on automated processing. Rights that you can exercise in this domain include; expressing a point of view, asking for an explanation and then querying the outcome, and locating human intervention.

Again, the above information is more for your knowledge when using third parties as we do not use ADM in our workings.


Cookies and the security of our website

Cookies are not used on this site with the intention of recording and storing data. We only use cookies in a bid to maximise user experience. We want our site to run and operate as smoothly as possible and cookies enable us to offer this to our customers.

We also pride ourselves on our site being extremely safe and regularly run stringent checks to make sure the site is as sound and secure as it needs to be.

The data that you enter is sent on to lenders and brokers using encryption techniques, so it is completely private.