Saturday, 08 April 2017 10:44

Are you fed up of being ripped off?

Are you fed up of being ripped off? If so, you are not alone. What angers people more than simply being over charged for things, however, is the fact that in a lot of instances people are being charged a sky-high premium for services that haven’t changed in years, or worse, have declined to an abysmal low.

A fine example of this is the latest news that British Airways is to announce more job cuts – reportedly in the thousands – all whilst at the same time expecting passengers of the airline to continue to pay price rises to use their services.

So, let’s get this straight. British Airways is getting rid of nearly 6,000 staff, apparently as a method of minimising it’s rising debt, which consequently will mean that passengers will get less support and assistance during flights and will see some kind of disruption during their dealings with BA; yet these very same passengers will more than likely still be expected to pay the same, if not, more in fares to help cover some of the lost financial ground.

It stinks doesn’t it? Yet this appears to be the norm in the UK these days.

The UK’s leading airline has said that passengers won’t be affected and has given a different slant on the job cuts. The airline is reportedly losing nearly £2.5million per day and has said it needs to make cutbacks somewhere in order to avoid a complete crisis. This has come in the form of job losses. The company previously announced job cuts in the thousands so you’d be forgiven for thinking that there would be no staff left at this latest onslaught. The company has said that despite this latest announcement, however, BA will be overhauled into a ‘simpler, leaner and more focussed airline’.

We have our suspicions though. How many companies have made job losses on this scale and have continued to operate on the same level or higher? Not many. Normally what happens is that job losses occur and passengers start to see customer service wain and service provisions start to feel the chop too. BA say this won’t be the case for them. They claim that by cutting thousands of jobs they will save nearly £700million annually and will still be able to operate a seamless airline…

The job losses will affect all areas from cabin crew and pilots to engineers and admin staff.

A large portion of the savings, according to BA, will be ploughed into helping the company improve its image in the low budget sector. It doesn’t take Einstein to establish that part of BA’s problem has been the uncontrollable rise of budget airlines such as EasyJet and RyanAir. They offer cheap as chips flights to many short haul destinations and this has meant that BA haven’t been able to compete. BA, because of the size of its company, and the massive flight base they cover, have certain costs to meet which has previously meant that they haven’t been able to get into the no- frills flight territory – until now. They now believe that the job cuts and reduced overheads will give them more financial freedom to get into this sector and take a share of some of the custom. Time will tell on that one. We don’t think it will be an easy transition to make. Everyone knows BA as an expensive but fairly luxury airline carrier so to see it try to keep this image as well as a low budget one will be a hard combination to get just right.

It isn’t just British Airways who could be accused of overcharging whilst under delivering on services though, there are many culprits in this country and some of them are our most known and respected businesses. British Telecom (BT) is one of the biggest companies in this country, but is also one of the most complained about companies, especially in relation to customer services. They too are often accused of continually raising prices all whilst offering loyal customers less of a service year on year.

Just like British Airways, BT also need to keep an eye on competition as firms like Virgin Media are on the rise all the time with special offers and packages for new customers and are also known to offer some good loyalty discounts.

It seems the bigger a company gets, the more likely they are to rip off their loyal customers. Gone are the days when customer loyalty was rewarded, nowadays if you have been with a company for a long time they see this as the green light to up their prices and squeeze everything they can out of you.

In fact, anything with the word ‘British’ in it seems to be some kind of code for ‘rip off everyone you can’. 

We must make it clear that the two aforementioned companies are just two out of a number of examples that we could give and it isn’t just these two high profile businesses that we believe are guilty of overcharging and under delivering on both promises, services and quality. There are many. Which is the sad thing.