Sunday, 29 January 2017 09:00

Brexit: The financial pantomime that continues to go on and on…and on!

We’re getting a little fed up of this now.

Yet again this week we’ve been hearing of certain politicians (we’re sure you know who they are!) refusing to accept the vote of the Great British people. On June 23rd the majority of the people in this country voted to leave the European Union and break away from the single market. There were many reasons for this, namely immigration concerns and a desire for jobs to be brought back to British people.

If you listen to a lot of left-wing media sources though, the majority of people that voted to leave the EU were racists; they were people that were of low intelligence, poorly educated and from backgrounds where ignorance was directed towards people of other cultures. This propaganda infuriates the life out of us.  Have these lefty do-gooders ever thought that the people that voted to leave the EU were actually the smart ones? Who’s to say that we’re not going to be better off financially, that our new trade deals are going to bring more prosperity?

Going back to the racism remark, the majority of people who voted to leave are not racists and it is disgusting to insinuate anything of the sort. As a general rule, most of the people that voted to leave were wanting to reduce the number of people allowed to freely enter the UK – this was nothing to do with the fact that the British people had a problem with foreigners entering the UK – we all know that we wouldn’t have an NHS and other facilities without some of these wonderful people; they were, in fact, actually getting concerned about the state of these revered services and were anxious about the pressures that services such as the NHS were getting put under because of the alarming numbers of people being allowed to enter the UK.

The same people that were worried about public services being put under pressure were also voting for less money going into the EU to pay for projects in other countries and for the money saved in this field to be spent at home. We know a lot of towns and cities up and down the country have benefitted from EU money but it is a case of us sending hundreds of millions of pounds to the EU and reaping tens of millions back. It seems illogical. Rather than sending the money to the EU only for them to divvy it up and have it come back to us, why don’t we just keep it and spend that same money ourselves improving towns and cities.

Bearing in mind all that we’ve said above, we find it completely and utterly disgusting that MPs like Tim Farron (Liberal Democrat leader) want to have another referendum in order to eventually overturn Brexit.

The country was offered a referendum on the subject of leaving the EU. The country voted to leave the EU and that should be respected. Where do MPs like him get off in believing they can fight for another referendum just because they disagree with the outcome of the first vote? Are we going to continue to have multiple referendums until the remainers get the vote they wanted? A democratic society allows people to vote and then acknowledges the will of the people and delivers. He’s basically saying that he doesn’t agree with what the majority of these people are saying ands is going to push for another referendum anyway.

We believe Tim Farron is a man who has his own agenda anyway. It isn’t just that he wants to be part of the EU. He also wants to raise his popularity profile and get more votes for his party under his belt. Think about it, he’s probably the most unpopular leader out of the three main parties in this country, but if he starts being ‘the voice of the remainers’ that is a large portion of the country. Forty eight per cent of the people to be precise. If he keeps up his repertoire of being the voice of the remainers he will have lifted his voting prospects to heights he could never have dreamed of. It’s clever on his part but annoying for us to sit and listen to him bemoan the result of the referendum. In Theresa May’s words, ‘Brexit means Brexit’ now shut up Mr Farron.

We honestly believe that Brexit may be a good thing anyway. Financially we feel in the long term people will be better off and there will be a lot more optimism. There have also been numerous experts in the financial industry that have the same feeling, none more so than former governor of the Bank of England Lord King of Lothbury. He came out on record and said that we were now in a better position to rebalance the UK economy. 

Talks of trade deals between the UK and other nations, namely the United States, have also looked fruity since Brexit with many countries openly saying they are looking forward to talking business with the UK. Of course, nobody really knows what the future holds, but equally nobody knew what was in store if we stayed in the EU. Would there have been more cuckoo decisions made by the crazy people sitting behind desks in Brussels? Would we have been able to still send hundreds of millions of pounds to the EU whilst our NHS buckled under the enormous pressures of mass immigration? The truth is, nobody knows, either way, but we certainly know that Brexit is the will of the people and that should be honoured.