Wednesday, 15 March 2017 15:21

Electric cars are a waste of money - at least for the time being

The electric car industry is rising all the time and gaining in popularity with motorists, this is despite the government of the UK announcing that electric cars are now to be taxed just like their oil running counterparts – a bit of a u-turn when the whole purpose of the vehicles was that they were going to be tax-free because of the benefits that they brought to the environment. But heyho.

It was once said that electric cars were the future. The future in terms of meeting climate change targets and the future for the automobile industry as a whole.

There are now some serious questions being raised as to their role in the future car industry, however, and whether or not they are actually just a waste of money, especially now they are subjected to taxation.

We can understand the advantages that people say about electric cars such as the fact that they have reduced air and noise pollution and they obviously are much cheaper at the moment because they run on electricity and not fuel. They are also low maintenance and not much tends to go wrong on them.

But, there are also many downsides. And when you take a lot of these disadvantages into account they can be problematic as well as time consuming which may eventually cost you money in the long term.

Even though experts have told us that electric cars will improve in the future with regards longer recharge time and the driving range that they give, at the moment they are pretty poor and are very time consuming in this respect.

If for your job you have to travel a lot; driving to meetings up and down the country you may find that you are out of pocket. Not because electric costs more than petrol or diesel but because of the amount of time you have to waste charging up and stop starting on your journey. The time wasted would eventually be felt in the pocket.

There is also the impact it can have on electricity bills. If you already have a hefty electricity bill you must also factor in that even though you are not paying for fuel, the amount you feel you are saving is actually just being added to your electricity bill. This can be hefty as electric cars take a heck of a lot of charging if you require a long journey out of your vehicle.

There is also the fact that batteries will need replacing on these vehicles, some may need changing after three years and they aren’t cheap.

I think what we are trying to say is that when you weigh up the fact that the technology isn’t quite up to scratch to meet our demanding and hectic schedules, it may be more of a hindrance both to our time and pocket at the moment. We also think they may became irrelevant and a waste of money now that they are due to be taxed. A lot of people bought into the electric idea because of the tax relief, now that has gone there really isn’t that much to separate them from other car options.

Basically the advantages and the incentives that the government stated at the beginning have either proved to be not so advantageous after all or they have been taken away i.e. tax benefits.

Basically nothing that the electric cars can offer us can make the reliability, start up costs and the lack of charging point problems disappear.

We don’t think the industry is ready to take on the world yet and that’s why it is a waste of money – for the moment anyway.