Thursday, 22 September 2016 00:30

iPhone Sham Waiting Lists

Today we are talking about the iPhone 7 release a few days ago. There seems to be suspicious and dramatic drop in the waiting times that Apple are reporting for the phone to come back into stock. So much so that we are questioning it.

First of all we want to look at what Apple have done, then we will look at why they did and just what they would have to gain by being deceptive about the real numbers of those ordering these devices.

About The Apple Myth

Apple make fairly decent products, but what they really do well is to make exceptional marketing. It's actually more like a religion than a business. Their users will flock to buy just about anything because there is a fear of missing out. We've seen this over a number of product launches, especially when there is little difference either in style or functionality in them.

Keeping this religion belief system going is critical, that fear of missing out is very important. If people think that they can buy the new phone at any point, they will take longer to decide on whether or not to buy the product and they will engage their brains instead of instincts. 90% of people who buyt the latest phone, don't beed to buy a new phone at the time of the new launch.

Creating Fake Waiting Times

Around 8-9 years ago when the first iPhone was launched, there were queues around the shopping centre, weeks of waiting before you would get your phone. Now the queues have long since gone, nobody is bashing down the door to get the new iPhone - but what about the waiting lists?

The waiting list is the last thing Apple have left to promote the fear of missing out - obviously they can't really fake 1500 in a queue anymore. What if that waiting list wasn't real though? We don't think it is, we think Apple have created it to try and show demand for a product when the demand just doesn't exist. 

There is of course a danger to creating fake waiting lists, it can put people off if they have to wait too long. Apple therefore have to walk a tight line if they want to do this. However, it depends who the fake waiting lists are for, if they are for consumers then yes there is a danger. But we don't think that is true, we think that the fake waiting times are for the media. 

The media will publish stories of a successful launch of the product at launch time, but won't publish that those waiting lists have evaporated just days after the launch has happened. That is exactly what has happened here.


Of course we don't have any evidence of any intentionally fiddling to create artificial waiting times. Apple would never admit to this and the people in that circle would be very small. What we are relying on is the waiting times that were being quoted on launch day, then those waiting times that were being quoted just 3 days later. 

When we look at the quoted delivery times for the 256gb jet black iPhone 7, we were originally told that it would be the 7th of October. Then 3 days after launch date we were told that it was available for pick up the next day, which would make it around the 20th of September. This seems odd to us.

It was a similar thing with the iPhone 7 plus, jet black. Suddenly the 4 week waiting time had gone in just 3 days and was now available for next day collection from Apple.

The whole thing is very suspicious, whilst we can't say for sure that Apple are putting out fake demand, we certainly think the media should be asking many more questions about the real demand for these items. 

We also think we should add that it doesn't mean that the Apple products are inferior, we just think that social trends have changed and most people don't need to upgrade their phones as often as they used to do just a few years ago.