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Saturday, 25 November 2017 15:23

Nifty tricks to get the cost of your summer holiday down

We’re a quarter of the way into the new year which means it’s probably been about four months since you last had time off work and had a little holiday (Christmas).

If this is the case, chances are you are eyeing up holiday brochures with a view to booking your eagerly anticipated summer holiday. And why not? You work hard which surely means you should get to play hard for a fortnight in the summer.

Well, here we’ll tell you how you can make your holiday just that little bit more special. How? We will highlight all the potential savings that could be made right from the booking process up until you’re due to fly home.

First of all, if you want to make a saving on your holiday, don’t be too fussy about where you go. Some countries are cheaper to fly to than others for instance and cost less in terms of dining and eating out too. If you had your heart set on a particular destination, that’s fine, but you have to be prepared to pay a little more than if you were prepared to holiday anywhere.  Not being picky about where you holiday could be a good thing in terms of seeking out new tourist hotspots and holiday gems too. A decade ago no-one would have gone to Croatia or Bulgaria on holiday but when people realised how cheap flights were to these places they gave them a go and now millions of people flock to the two countries every year. They are still cheap to get to, they are cheap in terms of food and drink and they boast breath-taking scenery and glorious weather – it’s all about being open minded.

You should also establish what will save you money in the long term when it comes to food and drink. Eating out whilst on holiday is one of the biggest expenses whilst you are there so you will need to establish whether or not self-catering or all-inclusive is going to be the best for your circumstances.

Excursions are also a big expense and why wouldn’t you want to see what a place can offer whilst you’re there. Tour providers are great in the fact that they can arrange excursions for you but this often comes at a premium. If you are confident enough to do so, we suggest sourcing your own excursions and making your own way there as it can work out far cheaper than doing it with a tour operator.

You should also get as many brochures as you can and get online to see what bargains you can find. If you are prepared to go at any time, you are more likely to save money as last minute deals just crop up. If you can bag one of those gems you will have a great holiday. Sometimes booking way in advance can cost you an extra couple of hundred pounds. Midweek travel will also help. A lot of people like to travel on Saturdays as they are minimising the amount of holiday days that they have to take from work but this can cost them money. Weekday travels tends to be cheaper so it is always worthwhile looking into this if possible.

A lot of people tend to book a holiday and then frantically start to save up all he pennies that they can muster in order to be financially prepared for their two weeks away. A better way to do this is to start saving gradually right at the beginning of the year, even before you have booked a holiday. If you do this, you don’t put as much pressure on yourself before the holiday to make ends meet. It is a steady saving stream that will mean by the time you go away you will have saved up plenty of money without even thinking about it and getting yourself in a state.

There are also savings to be had in terms of getting to and from the airport too. Be cheeky and ask a relative to take you and pick you up from the airport. Airport car parking is an expense that we can all do without and if you’re lucky enough to have a relative or family member ready to do you a favour, get them booked in. Never take more luggage than you actually need either – it will only come back to haunt you in excess baggage charges.

Even if you aren’t anticipating being in the airport a long time, it may be worth your while to put yourself up a packed lunch, especially if you have children. Planes can get delayed for whatever reason and if you are in the airport a while, chances are you and your family will need something to eat. It can be extortionate buying food from an airport so if you have sandwiches or something snack-like just in case, you will be just right.

Even though we’re all about saving you money, you should note that there are some things that you shouldn’t cut corners on. Travel insurance is the biggest thing that springs to mind. This is vitally important should anything happen to you or your family. If you are hiring a car whilst you are out there, you should also do this through a reputable source just to err on the side of caution. There are some things where it is better to pay the money and be safe rather than sorry.