Thursday, 22 March 2018 15:37

Ovo Energy Ads Insults It’s Own Customers – Pretty Dumb Move

Just when you thought you’d seen everything in business, someone else pops up with something to lower the intelligence bar just that little bit lower. This time it’s OVO Energy who has labeled anyone with concerns about the accuracy of Man Made Climate Change as some kind of whacko’s.

The ads which appear frequently on some news channels such as RT, start by showing a tv set with news channels showing people who doubt man-made climate change discussing the issue with presenters. Then the background noise switches to mad people shouting out messages in a way that makes them sound unhinged. The final message from OVO, shows them virtue signaling that 100% of their energy is from renewable sources.

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to work out that the golden rule is you don’t insult your customers. OVO should have done some research; over half of the population of the UK have concerns over the accuracy of the mainstream media on the subject. Many, including ourselves, think that it is a scam on a global scale. That is our belief though; we would never insult anyone else if they thought differently.

Having a positive message is one thing, what OVO did here is almost brand suicide. What on earth are they thinking? To actually pick a portion of your demographic and mock them is very brave. If you want to virtue signal as a business then do so at your own risk.

On investigating OVO energy it turns out they are one of the most expensive energy brands out there. We were surprised to find that even British Gas coming in cheaper than them. Perhaps they should realise that on price they are in a very big glass house and shouldn’t be throwing stones at their customers.

We don’t think we are the only ones who noticed this either. There are plenty of others chatting about it online.