Sunday, 19 February 2017 12:43

The new £5 notes causing a big 'fat' mess

We’re used to stories that highlight political correctness gone mad; in fact we embrace them, we like them because it brightens our day. The latest news about £5 notes and it offending vegans and people of certain religious beliefs, however, has taken on an even bigger scale. It seems to be causing a lot of grief and seems to be a story that won’t be quick to dissipate. For once you have angered vegans, there is no going back. Vegans are not the only group of people that are incensed by the £5 notes containing traces of cow fat in their make up, some religious groups are also angered. And if there are two groups of people you don’t want to upset at the same time, it’s the religious and the vegans.

Basically, what has emerged is that the new polymer notes have been found to contain traces of cow fat. This is an issue in itself but the biggest problem for the two affected groups is that from their point of view, there are alternatives to making it this way so they feel a little ignored and their views and feelings on the matter feel irrelevant. The group argues that it is against their religious and ethical beliefs and that an alternative should be sought.

It has opened up a right old bag of worms has this saga. You see, the new £10 note is also due for release in September this year – and you guessed it, it is going to be made up of traces of cow fat just like the £5 note. Vegans and religious organisations have urged the Bank of England to stop the production of the £5 note and also argued the postponement of the £10 note until a new alternative product can be found – which they also argue options are endless.

It certainly looks like an issue that is going to rumble on and on as the Bank of England have already said that they cannot do anything about the unfortunate situation. One of the biggest reasons for this is the amount of money that has already been invested in the new notes. The Bank of England, according to sources, has already spent around £25million printing the new £10note and double this on the printing of the £5 note that is currently in circulation.

The Bank have said that this already spent money would completely go to waste if they were to reprint with different materials. They also believe that stopping the notes already in circulation would be far too much to do effectively and safely. The bank also said there would be increased problems with counterfeit money so it was far too risky to even think about altering the spec on the notes.

As you can imagine, this hasn’t gone down well with the groups affected. The vegans are choking on their Quorn sausage and deep thunderous rumbles of thunder have been heard in temples up and down the UK.

Since news broke about the make-up of the notes, religious groups have come out in support of vegetarians and vegans and said that many problems have arisen in their day to day practice in their place of worship. Some have said that they normally get donations through money to keep temples etc open but now they know what the money is made up of, they feel they can’t touch it, let alone accept it. Because of this they say that their religious practice is being impaired, their income affected, and this is prejudice.

If we were the Bank of England we’d be getting worried. You don’t want the religious and the vegetarians after you. If there’s anything that you don’t want to be accused of either, it is prejudice. That is the dagger in the heart. That is what the left love to hear and that is what they’ll all be jumping on. Mark our words, they’ll be protests faster than you can clap.

It is also affecting people that are neither vegan or religious. News has emerged of restaurant owners that are vegan banning the use of the notes, so some people are not able to use those restaurants if they have no other means to pay other than the notes. It’s a big ‘fat’ mess really. Pardon the pun.

We don’t think this is an issue that is going to resolve itself any time soon and we know exactly what will happen – the Bank will end up losing millions of pounds and altering how the notes are made – regardless of whether it will cost them double the price to make. Ultimately the accusation of religious prejudice or discrimination will not sit well with the UK’s biggest bank and they will have to look into alternatives, especially when celebrities weigh in with their feelings. Morrissey has hit out at the Bank for its practice, but then again he always has had to have his opinion heard on everything so nothing’s new there.  

Who thought a bit of cow fat and a few quid could cause so many problems? This is a saga that will certainly be well worth keeping abreast of.