Tuesday, 28 November 2017 11:36

Tories Tell Asset Rich Dementia Patients To Commit Suicide

Tories Tell Rich Dementia Patients To Commit Suicide

Lenders have a bad reputation for preying on vulnerable but that is nothing compared to the Tories this week. Their new manifesto gives a nod and a wink to dementia patients that they top themselves if they want to pass on their assets to their kids. They may as well start selling tickets to Dignitas!

This Tory Government is as left wing as you could ever hope to see, Corbyn doesn’t need to be elected to see his crackpot ideas come in fruition, he’s got Theresa May to do it for him.

Last week the Tories launched their Dementia Tax. It is so wrong on so many levels, it goes against everything that is British. It basically says that the patient won’t have to sell their assets  in order to fund their care – whilst they are alive! After they are dead, everything is fair game. This shakedown will leave your next of kin with £100k to share between them to remember their parents by.

For those who don’t know what this is all about then let us try to explain it.

The Tories are saying that if someone falls victim to Dementia and needs care. That care will be provided by the Government whether they have money or not – sounds good doesn’t it?

Here iswhere there is a catch though!

That cost will be added up over the years that the patient had care and once the patient is dead, the Government will take everything all the way down to that patients last £100,000.

The Tories will take all their assets into account - money in the bank, shares, and now they will throw in any property that the patient owned anything up to 7 years before they were diagnosed if they passed them on to their families.

Free care is dead

For a country that prides itself on free health care we should be ashamed at what is about to happen. The reason we have free health care is that through time we have as a society learnt that if care costs money for the patient, they are less likely to go and try and seek help. They tend to try and soldier on and vulnerable people struggling is not what we want as a compassionate society. We treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.

It’s often been said that the Tories have wanted to get rid of free health care and the NHS and up until we have always dismissed this as left wing propaganda – but now we have to say that for the first time there might be something in that.

Little by little the Tories are salami slicing free health care away.

They argue that Dementia isn’t a health care issue and it is instead a social issue so outside the NHS, but this is of course nonsense. It’s not a part of getting old or everyone would get it, and they don’t.

No incentive to save

The Tories have also struck at any incentive to be prudent with money. People getting older should just blow their cash because once it’s gone they are going to get the exact same care from the Government as someone who has been reckless with theirs. As fars as we can tell, people with more money don’t get a better class or standard. It’s literally going to be the same care by the same health professionals.

What’s more, we know when the Government gets involved. This care is going to be much more expensive than it will be if it was to be provided by third party companies. Unfortunately people can’t go direct to third party providers because they’d have to sell their assets first to pay for it. They are literally stuck with the Government care provider.

There is little or no point doing the right thing anymore in this country. It no longer pays to do the right thing. We’ve been witnessing it across so many sectors that involve Government interference.

Patients should kill themselves

One can’t be left with the fact that the Tories are incentivising suicide for well off people who have dementia. They are telling Dementia patients that they are now not just worthless, but less than worthless. They are going to be a burden to their loved ones if they continue to hang around.

Scenario 1 – A parent has a home in London that has a market value of £750,000. As we all know a £750k home in London doesn’t go very far at all. It doesn’t mean that the person is rich, it doesn’t mean that they have cash in the bank. This person may have bought their house in the 80’s and been there whilst the property prices have risen.

Due to property prices in London, their kids might still be living with them. This is not farfetched, it is quite common.

If this person has Dementia and needs care for a number of years. They could rack up quite a bill. If they then die, the Government appears to be going to turf the surviving family members out of their home and sell it from underneath them. 


Someone that may just have lost a parent is now going to be evicted from their property, possibly homeless. It won’t be long for patients to realise that.

At the point at which someone is diagnosed with Dementia, they will probably still have all their faculties to work out that if they continue to live, their families will lose everything. They will know that they are worth more dead than alive to their families.

They are literally being taxed to death!

This is going to make excellent viewing for the Channel 5 program – “Can’t Pay, Theresa will take it away”. Imagine that, High Court Sherriff’s turning up with camera’s to throw grieving people of their homes live on TV because of Theresa May.

As a lender, taking the homes from deceased debtors and throwing their next of kin out onto the street isn’t allowed. Taking the home from debtors who have dementia is a big no no.  Put those two together and for some reason the Government has its own rules which allows them to do it.

Just why the Government is wanting to do this is beyond us. It smacks of desperation that is going to cost life’s and they should be ashamed of themselves.

If the FCA were regulation the Government, they’d have lost their license for even thinking of something so corrupt.