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Friday, 03 November 2017 16:36

Decluttering to Earn and Save Money

Does your home feel stuffed and fit to burst? If it does, it could be time to do some decluttering. Many people find this difficult to do, but it can be the most refreshing and uplifting experience once you try it. And it can also boost your bank balance, which is ideal if you’re trying to save money. Decluttering can…
Indeed, you can. But there are smart ways to do it, and ways that could end up costing you money. For example, if you normally visit one supermarket but you want to shop around at two others to get the best deals, you’ll probably end up out of pocket. That’s because the cost in time and petrol (or bus fares)…
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 15:28

Can Money Really Buy You Happiness?

According to new research, it looks as though it can after all. We’ve always been told money can’t buy happiness, and most of us would probably agree with that. It can buy you other things, such as never having to worry about paying bills. It can also buy you better medical care if you need it, by presenting you with…
Sunday, 22 October 2017 13:23

Are We Too Materialistic?

I read an article this morning about two couples who had each managed to quit working by the age of 40. One couple earned around £90,000 a year, but the other was on less than half that. As I read the piece, it soon became clear they’d had to completely overhaul their finances to achieve their dream of finishing work…
Wednesday, 18 October 2017 11:35

Can You Still Make Money from Car Boot Sales?

I remember doing a car boot sale years ago and bringing home around £250 for a few hours’ standing in a field flogging my second-hand stuff to anyone who wanted it. It was a lot of fun and was certainly worth my while. Fast-forward a few years and I think I made around £40 the next time I tried it.…