Rates - Discovering Our APR

Interest rates based on your own circumstances, not other peoples

Our Rates

Our Rates aren't universal across the board, not everyone will pay the same rate. They will reflect your current financial situation and the gamble that we would be taking by lending to you.

Therefore when we do an affordabilitry check, we are checking your incomings and outgoings, we will be able to see just what that risk is. From the information you provide, we assess if it is right to accept your loan application and what price we will offer you that loan at.

Therre are some upsides to this of course, if your circumstances are better than other applicants - you won't be subsidising them through one rate, you can have lower repayments.

100% Transparency

Rates subject to your affordability

Rates displayed before you accept the loan

Can accept or reject our offer at any point

No upfront fees

This We Take Into Account

Your Footprint

Your footprint is very important to us. Have you lived at the same address for a number of years? Basically we are trying to assess that your living status is stable and you are a real person.

Affordability Checks

This is also important to us, whilst we don't do the more common types of Credit Checks, we do perform affordability checks. We need to know that lending you money won't put you into financial hardship. We do this by looking at your application form, adding up all your incomings and outgoings to making a decision about the risk involved.

Employment Type / History

Our loans are ofen over the 12-18 month period, so we have to look at how your employment status will continue. If you are only on a short term contract or in an industry that is seasonal, it will indicate more risk to us and this will effect the rates that we are able to offer.


Although our rates are personally calculated to the applicants circumstances, we still need to give an overall inidication of our rates. This takes into account of the rate that over 50.1% of our applicants are offered.

Loan Amount £2500, APR: 36.5%, Monthly Repayments: 24, Repayment Amount £148.28, Total Repayment: £3,558.77, Total Interest: £1,058.77

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