Paying upfront for a loan is a bad idea

No matter what reason they give, never pay upfront

Never Pay Money Upfront For A Loan

Again we have become aware that members of the public are being called by fraudsters pretending to be from our site. Please don't pay them anything.

Under no circumstances do we ever get involved in cold calling people to make offers, we don't send text messages or emails. Individuals come to this site, we don't go to individuals.

The groups involved in cold calling people have nothing at all to do with us. As far as we can tell they originate from South Asia, probably India. They call from what appear to be UK landline phone numbers, but we guarantee you that they are out in Asia. They obtain UK phone numbers from providers like Skype for about £3 a month, it's shocking but it is fully legal.

When this group contact you, they will try to convince you to send money to them in the form of vouchers or some other payment method that you can do from the Post Office. Please don't fall for it, under no circumstances will you get a loan and you stand zero chance of getting your money back.

We have been involved in lending for over 10 years now, we are UK based and we are brutally honest with people. We have never seen one single lender in the UK that will ask you for money in order to give you a loan. No legitimate lender will do that, you will always lose your money. As for brokers, brokers obtain money from lenders for getting you a loan, there is no reason whatsoever to pay them money. 

Never pay anyone money to get a loan, please! Logo is a trading name of Quick Loans Ltd, registered in England and Wales. This site is no longer authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Offers of credit are only available to people over the age of 18
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